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The company took full advantage of the leading role of academicians and experts, gathered high-end intelligence and innovation-driven development, and actively carried out scientific and technological innovation and joint research and development of new products, an effective solution to the company's innovation and development of some high-end technical problems and bottlenecks, Companies to introduce new technologies, new results of the transformation, and effectively enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

The company has the world's leading scientific research team, has the world's advanced level of R & D technology, testing technology, and actively with well-known institutions and universities to carry out extensive cooperation in the production and research, the introduction of high-level technical personnel, research and development greatly enhance intellectual resources, effectively improve The company's scientific and technological innovation capacity, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, greatly ...

We always adhere to the "customer focus", from a professional point of view and the interests of customers point of view, the customer's problems and characteristics of products, to provide professional advice and the best solution. At the same time the company strictly control the production, packaging, shipping and after-sales, such as each process to ensure that high-quality products, to ensure that customers worry-free, to ensure customer satisfaction.

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       Shantian Abrasive Co., Ltd.Founded in 2003, Shantian Abrasive Co,Ltd is located in Linyi with the registered capital of 50milion RMB.The company has been focused on the research and production of diamond and silicon carbide with high quality from the first beginning.Nowadays it has earned the position of an leading supplier for relative industries with its products being marketed in China and other foreign countries including South Korea, Japan, Singapore and European countries etc......

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