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        Carrying Forward the Great Spirit of the Long March and Opening a New Era of "Thirteen - Five" Development

        Writer:山田研磨Source:原创 Date:Oct 24,2016

          October 21, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary, President of the Central Military Commission Chairman Xi Jinping in commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the Red Army Long March victory speech, in the mountain abrasive Material Co., Ltd. (www.cn-sht.com) cadres and workers caused strong repercussions. We have said, we must always bear in mind, inherit and carry forward the great spirit of the Long March, the face of the future, the face of challenges, not forgetting the heart, to move forward, to create first-class domestic and foreign cutting and polishing engineering ceramic materials experts.
          As a "powder expert", "cutting and polishing experts," Yamada grinding Material Co., Ltd. (www.cn-sht.com) has a strong product development team, the company was identified as national high-tech enterprises, enterprises in Shandong Province Technology Center, Shandong Province, special functional powder materials engineering technology research centers and other provincial innovation platform. The company relies on academician workstation, reaction sintering ceramic laboratory, through the combination of industry and research, adhere to industrial upgrading, product high-end line to "quality", "brand" and "service" three core as the core, strengthen the new quality assurance system And the construction of market service system, technical experts as the core set up a service support team, uncompromising attention to products and services, customer quality requirements and the use of rapid response experience, continuous improvement of service quality and customer satisfaction. The products of "New Yamada" have good performance in the fields of optoelectronics, coating, abrasive, precision ceramics, aerospace, composite material, semiconductor and refractory industries. The products are sold all over the country and exported to overseas. , For the country, expand overseas strategic pattern.
          In his speech, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that each generation has a long road for each generation, each generation should take their own long road. We must vigorously carry forward the spirit of the great long march, in the new Long March courageously forward. General Secretary stressed that the realization of great ideals, there is no flat road to go. Win new progress in the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, win new achievements in advancing the new great project of party building, and win new victories in the great struggle with many new historical features, and there are many "snow mountains" and "grasslands" , All coveted and comfortable, do not want to continue the idea of ​​hard work is to not, and all proud and complacent, unwilling to continue to explore the idea of ​​advancing are not.
          After discussion and study, it was agreed that we should carry forward the spirit of hard work and the long march of difficulties, resolutely abandon the phenomenon of extravagance and waste, and save energy, reduce expenditure and reduce expenditure. To carry forward the overall situation, closely unite the spirit of the Long March, doing diligent in learning the example rate, and actively carry out technical research, and vigorously cultivate the team spirit of artisans, through full production To learn the spirit of "courage, indomitable" spirit of the Long March, combined with the company's actual, identify the current work to solve the problem of the fit point, combined with the point, summon the spirit of the spirit of motivated, and strive to achieve the goal of the enterprise, Grasp the opportunity to face the challenge, unswervingly increase the stamina, on the level, the advantages of doing excellent, strengths and strengths, special features, with practical action to compaction goals, practical work measures to more high morale, a more solid style , A more responsible spirit, a higher mission to ensure the successful completion of the beginning of the development of the objectives and tasks, open the "thirteen" development of a new journey. 

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