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        Short-term short-term demand for photovoltaic products in the upper reaches of the price or hurdle touch the ceiling price

        Writer:转载Source:集邦新能源网 Date:Oct 28,2016

          This week the market is not affected by China's electricity price cuts will fall in 630 or 930 of the uncertainties, the downstream component factory continued to drive in the upper reaches of the rapid increase in orders. Last week, the industry is still in wait-and-see situation in November, and this week has been finalized in November prices, making a significant weekly gains, gains are expected to spread to mid-November.
               China's polysilicon spot market price has risen to RMB120 / kg up and down, driven by other markets polysilicon prices also slightly stabilized. Although the majority of China's polysilicon manufacturers have 100% of full production, but there are manufacturers in the maintenance state, limited supply, making the follow-up price should be able to further improve and stable station RMB120 ~ 125 / kg, also promote silicon, cell prices continue Lift.
               Recently, the overall supply chain manufacturers have been in the existing manpower will move rate to full, but the polysilicon film, the battery segment of many manufacturers can only move up to Bacheng, too late to market conditions will make the maximum use of capacity, Making the previous decline in the price of the middle reaches of the most obvious as the price of this section, the largest single-week increase this year. High-quality wafers are in short supply, driving the prices of monocrystals, super-efficient and highly efficient polycrystalline wafers. The prices of single crystals are more than US $ 0.76 / pc, and polycrystalline prices are no less than US $ 0.64 / pc.
               Battery prices continue to respond to the rapid silicon wafer prices, not only the single crystal PERC more than US $ 0.34 / W, polycrystalline battery gains this week more obvious, the general price of the battery has reached US $ 0.22 / W, conversion efficiency of 18.4% Efficient polycrystalline solar cells are also standing on the US $ 0.23 ~ 0.24 / W, the mainland offer to about RMB1.85 / W, more efficient polycrystalline PERC prices also rose sharply.
               However, the terminal demand is not hot enough to allow components to continue to rise in prices, the price of Chinese components remain in the RMB3 / W or so, overseas prices continue to decline. Component prices continue to be compressed, so that the current price of the upper reaches of the supply chain may be about to hit the ceiling, or about mid-November or face the phenomenon of stagnation or gains, Manufacturers in the fourth quarter is still facing great challenges.

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