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        • Name: Silicon carbide powder for paints and varnishes
        • Code: ST-01-09
        • Use: Coating, coating with silicon carbide
        • Views : 320

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        Application of silicon carbide fine powder in paint coating
              Silicon carbide powder green, crystal structure, high hardness, chemical stability, good thermal conductivity.
         1, the amount of resin use / increase the potential of large: because in any shape, the sphere has the smallest specific surface area, the resin demand is also the least.

        The accumulation of particles is also improved. The wide particle size distribution of the silicon carbide fine powder allows small microspheres to be filled into the voids between the large microspheres.

        The result: high additions, high solids content, low VOC and reduced use of other ingredients;

        2, low viscosity / improve mobility: and irregularly shaped particles, silicon carbide powder is easy to roll between each other. This allows the use of carbon

        The system of silicon micropowder has low viscosity and good fluidity. Moreover, the sprayability of the system is also improved;

        3, hardness / wear resistance: silicon carbide powder is a high strength, and hard microspheres, it can enhance the hardness of the coating, scrubbing resistance and resistance


        4, inert: silicon carbide powder from the inert ingredients, which has excellent durability, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance;

        5, opacity: silicon carbide powder spherical slow light and scattering of the light, increasing the hiding power of paint;
        6, no crystalline silicon contamination: and other fillers, silicon carbide powder in the content of crystalline silicon in the non-hazardous levels below.

        Such silicon carbide ceramic powder is not considered as a carcinogenic substance and does not require a special hazard warning symbol.

        The main models are: JIS1000, JIS1200, and so on.